Our Journey from Me to We to Us all for You

It's early in 2019, and TROOL Social Media, AKA @troolsocial along with @Glammapreneur, and @BBPTVShow are coming together under the umbrella of TROOL.Media  ( T.R.O.O.L. is the acronym standing for The Rest Of Our Lives which still epitomizes my philosophy of Integration and Optimization whether you're talking about the online world of SEO & Social Media: or the physical world in which the Spirit, Mind, Body connection and congruence is what I believe, you need to live your best life. 

TROOL (Social) Media began our journey as a 'me' not a 'we' show. I'm Elaine Lindsay and I got into Facebook early February 2007: to stalk my adult children!  I had developed my first website in 1999 and got into SEO by 2003. I quickly saw that social media could help you to market in new ways. As soon as Fan Pages opened I saw the benefits for my clients.  I showed clients how to create fan pages (now business pages) and engage with their customers, and prospects. 

By 2010 people were telling me I should "do" social media. I didn't think it was a career! 
I was introduced to Mari Smith, who became my mentor.  I signed up for the Relationship Marketing institute to learn all there was to learn, from the best source possible. 

Collaborating with like minded social media professionals and being an early adopter in Google+ started our growth.  Becoming a Google+ evangelist and adding team members took us further down the road of optimization. Seeing the writing on the wall, we began to integrate everything we knew about web development, design and search engine optimization with all of the social media training and management we offered.  

By late 2012 TROOL Social Media was offering client social media packages, search and social media training that included video and all of it with an eye to integrating all of their digital footprint; their online property. 

We love sharing what we've learned with our team, our clients and our prospects. We love sharing the wins with our clients who are excited by the changes they see and the visibility they are getting.