Taking you from invisible to INVINCIBLE  

You Can Be Google's Preferred Choice in Your Niche!


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings
(SEJ, 2016)

Tired of being the BEST KEPT SECRET online?

You want your ideal customers to find you online. FIRST. Before your competition.

Establishing authority in Google will do more for a brand than most,
if not all, other digital optimizations~SEJ

You Know You Need To:

Be concentrating on the business of your business

Get more leads ore clients

Be found on Page one of the search results

Your prospects to find your products and services first

Get more traffic to your website

Increase inbound inquiries 

You Would Love:

You would LOVE to catch your prospects right at the moment of search. When they are actively looking
for your products and services online.

To Increase inbound inquiries from your ideal clients on a consistent basis 

is your dream come true.

And we can make it happen for you!


Blueprint for Success

The #1 Online SEO Coaching Program For Entrepreneurs

You want INVINCIBLE Blueprint for Success because you have an established business and
 you refuse to settle for also-ran. You are 
Ready for the Top.

You want to be the authority in your niche and be found first: all ways!  

You know it’s important to:

  • Grow your credibility as an expert in your field 
  • Get found first in the search results so more customers can find you. 

It’s time to take your digital presence to the next level.

You have a presence online because you take your business seriously. You have a website, a blog and some social media, but…  

You don't even know what's important to measure  or what changes really matter because the digital world is changing at light-speed.

You aren’t sure what you need for a ‘digital presence’ but you want to find out and take action.  You’re tired of chasing that next shiny object in pursuit of leads and clients.

What you need is a guide: to help you understand what your best priorities are for you online.

Integrating your presence is a game changer:

Are You:

  • ready? 
  • willing? 
  • able?

TROOL can help you SUCCEED! That’s what  we DO!

This program is for you when:

  • You want to be at the top of Google (where you belong).
  • You want to learn how search engines decide how you fit in the search results and you want to make it work for your brand
  • You know you’re the best choice for your ideal customer but you don’t know how to ensure that you are the one they find first.

The results you can expect:

  • Whooping for joy when your calendar is filled with meetings with your ideal customers and targeted prospects
  • You have steady income
  • Consistent engagement online
  • You’re found consistently in the SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • Your videos reach top of the search results
  • Great testimonials and case studies about your customer’s success stories 
  • Recognition for your expertise and achievement in your field

What you will learn:

  • To make your website, blog and social media  user friendly and consistent. A key factor for your brand: positive user experience on your digital properties too geeky in terms of language?
  • How to showcase your best products and/or services
  • Learn to highlight the relevance, the importance and dependability of what you offer -NOTE: Customers research the products and services they want
  • Updates on current SEO Best Practices to maintain your exceptional results
  • To use Google Analytics and Search Console software. Learn to set and track goals
  • Social Media updates, tips, trends, best practices
  • Editorial calendar template for all your online information and posts

Self-audit tool- your checklist to keep your online properties in top shape so you keep getting the Google love!

                                PRIVATE  SESSIONS           12 MONTHS  or 6 MONTHS 

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Option 2

Go for Growth

INVINCIBLE Go for Growth:  

You want to build towards a six figure sales year and increase your credibility

You want the Go for Growth Program because you have laid the groundwork and you’re ready for growth. You are ready to break away from the pack.

You know you have to pay attention to online stuff because you’re serious about growing your business. You know why you’re in business and what is important about what you offer. You know it’s important to target your online efforts to get results because you’d rather work smart than waste resources.

You want this program when:

You are ready to have your online presence bring you customers and recognition and now you’re ready for growth.

What's Next?

You want to learn where to put your time and effort to get the best results online.

You’re ready to reap results.

You’re ready to target  your ideal customers

You're ready for long-term growth.

The results you can expect:

The satisfaction you will feel when you know you're doing it right

Increased brand recognition and more customers

See tangible growth and know how to replicate it, consistently

What you will learn:

  1. How to showcase your best products and/or services​
  2. The relevance, the importance and dependability of what you offer -
    (Customers research the products and services they want.)
  3. Updates on current SEO and Social Media

Options for this program: 

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If you use the web and social media to promote your business or share content, learn to boost your brand by avoiding common SEO mistakes from a wonderful person Elaine Lindsay ! 

Lisa Anna Palmer

Leadership & Career Advancement Coach/Specialist | Employee Engagement & Inclusion Advisor | Trainer | Speaker | Author

Option 3:

Intensive Ignition

Intensive Ignition 

for You the Entrepreneur to establish your online brand

You're ready to get your brand seen and on everyone's lips! We'll ignite the fire and you can take it to the streets!

Now that you have a brand, you need to know how to get your brand seen online amongst the masses of competitors. You know you have something great and different - how will you tell the world? Search engines require you to be current, consistent, and relevant. When there are millions vying for online attention, how can you stand out of the crowd?

You want this program:

You are ready to put in the effort to establish yourself, but you’re not sure where the effort counts and you’re too smart to waste your time.

What success feels like:

You’ll be recognized online

Your brand will start to show up in the results so the awareness is rolling

Options for this program:
SELF-DIRECTED GROUP                                                  PRIVATE SESSION


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